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What is making life easier as a single parent? Find out all the best in toys, gadgets, fashion, and self-care.


Single Parenthood

I’m a single mom. And it’s not always easy. But we stick together, work hard, and have fun together. 

Recipe Book

All the yummy meals, snack, and desserts. Great for Parents and kids.


Enter to win fabulous stuff that I approve of and love. Sponsored giveaways coming soon. Guest giveaways going on now!

Mental Health

Bringing awareness to mental health issues for parents and children alike in the American Mental Health System (or lack thereof.) 



The MOM of Just Like Mom

About Just Like Mom

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a single mom to 3 young kids, Jas, Ren, and Kiki. I’m sure they will feature here and there. We currently live in the Midwest and love our community here. I have been working as a professional Virtual Assistant and Reviewer/writer for a little over 1.5 year and decided to not only contribute to other sites, but start my own as well. I have 20 years experience in web design, and more than 10 years in graphic design and photography. However, I really love writing. So, on top of raising 3 kids, Cub Scouting, Soccer, Taekwando, working part-time (Virtual Assistant, Writer, & Promotions Manager), and entering writing competitions, I’ve also started the journey of going back to school to get my BA in English from Arizona State University Online. Wish me luck! I must be crazy.

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