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Win a 6qt. Power Air Fryer Oven Elite Open to US Only Ends 11/19

We all know the appeal of fried foods. That crispy texture and crunch that is full of the flavors we love. We all also know it’s not the healthiest. Now you can enter for your chance to win this 6 qt. Power Air Fryer Oven Elite and eat fried food the healthy way any time you want. This little oven also does so much more than just air fry food. You won’t want to miss this, it’s a $159.99 value. Check it out below.

healthy way

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healthy way

About Power Air Fryer:

Power Air Fryer makes the 7-in-1 power force of a multicooker that can replace Deep Fryers, Rotisserie Ovens, Dehydrators, Oven Toasters, Pizza Grills, and Microwaves. It uses Rapid Air Technology to create a whirlwind of superheated air that crisps up food to perfection. You get up to 70% Fewer calories from fat than deep-fried fast food with the same delicious crispy taste. The Power AirFryer Oven is a full-oven multi-cooker that gives you all the crispy, juicy, delicious, and healthier benefits of oil-free air frying.

healthy way

Key Features:

  • 6qt size can fit an entire 4-lb chicken.
  • Includes: 3 Air Flow Racks, 10 Stainless Skewers, Oil Drip Tray, Rotating Mesh Basket, 3 Recipe Books, Rotating Rotisserie Spit, & $100 Grocery Coupons
  • Bake, air fry, dehydrate, toast, grill, reheat, and more.
  • $159.99 Value
  • Extra how-to videos and recipes are available on the website.

One lucky reader will receive a 6qt. Power Air Fryer Oven Elite!

The sponsor will choose the color received.
Open to US Only
Ends 11/19

Now go and enter the giveaway and remember to come back for the daily entries. GOOD LUCK!
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quesadilla pie

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