Kids Listen More and Use Less Screen Time

The Pinna App has been revolutionary in my house.

My kids have trouble falling asleep and my boys often have nightmares that wake them up. They’ve both long claimed that the only way they can fall asleep without getting nightmares is if they watch their favorite YouTube videos while going to bed. Uh-huh. So I started allowing only 1-2 videos as they calmed down then they had to switch to music or a meditation. However, many that were available simply did not interest them. Until we got Pinna. The kids listen to stories, Captain Underpants in “Sound-o-Rama”, and even bedtime stories most of the night.

Pinna Kids Listen

For All Ages

Pinna Kids Listen

Pinna is an app on iOS and Android that is like a kids-only audio service. It’s geared towards ages 3 through 12 with audiobooks, interactive games, podcasts, and kid-friendly and appropriate music. You can even search for audio based on the age of the child listening. Some of my kids’ favorites are even on there. My oldest loves Captain Underpants and the audio stories are just as fun as the books. My youngest loves the How Do Dinosaurs… series and we listen almost every day following along in our print copies of the books. Then there are great bedtime listening with Peace Out or Relax and Be Happy.

What Will You Listen To?

Pinna Kids Listen

Kids can start an entire series of books to listen to. Or they can listen to some international music for a while. Do they need something a little more interactive? No problem? ExtraBLURT and ExtraBLURT jr. are fun interactive game show styled podcasts with trivia and challenges. The kids love playing against one another, but also work together to answer the questions sometimes. Or they can try 5 for 5 Trivia for questions on all kinds of topics. Maybe they want to take a ride on the Magic School Bus for an adventure or follow Clifford the Big Red Dog around town. Older kids will love listening to the adventure podcast by Pinna called The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel. They can follow along and help solve the mystery that has won the Peabody and Webby Awards. The Fairy Tree features 360 audio when you listen with headphones for an immersive listening experience.

Pleasing for Parents

Pinna Kids Listen

As a parent, it has been so incredibly wonderful to see my kids listening to things that they enjoy, rather than stay glued to a screen. Because while it is an app for tablets and phones, it simply features the cover art and you just listen. There are classics that I even grew up reading such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  It has even become a fun pastime to listen to something as a family. Whether it is a creepy Goosebumps book or quizzing each other listening to a game podcast or learning about dinosaurs in a National Geographic Kids book. As a parent, this is a must-have app for sure with trustworthy names in kids books like Scholastic and National Geographic. I find it well worth the subscription price and plan on having it for years to come. The mere fact that the kids choose to not watch something and to listen instead is a testament to how fun and great Pinna is.

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Pinna Kids Listen

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