Reducing Dark Marks on Your Skin

Memoir Premium Handmade Soap is all-natural and lightens your skin tone.

Even though I’m in my mid-30’s, for hormones are all out of whack, and I suffer horrible breakouts of deep cystic acne monthly. It’s a pain figuratively and literally. And even once I heal up the actual blemish, it leaves a bruise-like mark on my pale skin that can easily linger for months. So I jumped at a chance of trying this all-natural skin whitening soap from Memoir to try reducing dark marks left on my skin.

Reducing Dark Marks

All-Natural and Handmade

Reducing Dark Marks

I try to keep anything that comes in contact with my body as natural as possible. Soaps and cleansers are no exception. Memoir soap is:

•Small-Batch: Can better control quality and test it.

•Hand-Crafted: Again, ensures a better product by being “hands-on.”

•Probiotic: An added benefit that’s great for your skin!

•Artificial Fragrance-Free: All-natural here baby!

•Chemical-Free: Nothing extra you don’t need.

•Cruelty-Free: Never tested on animals.

•Palm Oil-Free: Palm oil is one of the most environmentally damaging resources harvested these days. The fewer products that use palm oil, the better off our environment is.

•FDA Registered: Cleared as safe by the FDA.

So as you can see, when they say “natural” they mean it! And I can attest to the quality. It’s a dense soap, but it lathers up great. This particular soap didn’t have much of a scent other than a slightly “soapy” scent. They even claim that all the ingredients used in their soap are of edible quality, though I would not recommend eating the final product ;-).

Ingredients you can Trust to Work

Reducing Dark Marks

A lot of “whitening” soaps use harsh chemicals to literally bleach your skin. This does not sound pleasant nor safe. As we established above, Memoir Natural Whitening Cleanser Soap for Sensitive Skin uses food-grade ingredients to safely achieve the same thing. Ingredients like pearl powder, rice powder and kelp powder all act to not only brighten and lighten your skin but act as natural exfoliants, provide skin detox, and supply healthy nutrients to your skin. The rice powder even keeps the sun from damaging fair skin and has been used for millennia in Asia.

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They also use Cucumber Extract to reduce puffiness, reduce freckles, treat sunburn, and tighten pores. The most common use of cucumber is to improve and rejuvenate your skin. Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil is known to help treat acne and prevent oily skin. It can cleanse and purify skin. Organic Lemon Essential Oil is the best oil for skin lightening. Limonene, citric acid, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid found in lemon essential oil help lighten skin tone by acting as a natural skin bleaching agent. Coconut oil and hyaluronic Acid secures moistures and creates fullness. It will replenish moisture that is crucial to having younger-looking, supple skin. They also use EM (effective microorganism) Water instead of the traditional method of using the lye and water mixture to make their soap. This process makes their soap probiotic. Topically applying probiotics act as a physical shield, blocking harmful microbes from causing inflammation or infection.

Lightening and Brightening for Reducing Dark Marks

Reducing Dark Marks

Pictured above is my Before and After results after using it for about 1 week on the back of my neck and upper back. Sorry, they’re reversed! But you can see some of the same marks. I often get zits that reoccur in the same spots with my natural hormone cycles. These leave dark marks once I manage to get them to go away completely. You can see how much my skin has improved, though it doesn’t appear much “lighter” per se. This could be due to my horrible lighting in my bathroom, but I cannot deny that many of the marks are starting to fade away. I’m so excited to actually see results after a relatively short amount of time. I plan on continuing to use it and see how this soap is further reducing dark marks.

I also love that when I use it as a face soap, it does not leave my face dried out as most bars soaps do. My skin feels clean, but soft and moisturized, but not oily either. It has a nice balance. I mentioned that the soap only has a “soapy” smell, and certainly use caution to keep it away from your eyes and mouth. It does burn and tastes awful, LOL! Memoir also makes soap that is ani-aging, anti-acne, baby-friendly, and even pet-shampoo soaps that I’d love to try. Try out Memoir’s Whitening and Brighten soap to help fade the marks on your skin.

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